"Using science to build your nutrition plan." - Katherine Taylor RDN, LD, CLT


Fruition Nutrition, founded in 2012,  provides medical nutrition therapy with a functional nutrition approach. 

We believe that each patient's needs are somewhat different based on their past health issues, emotional challenges, and current lifestyle demands.  Therefore, our treatment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients using both whole foods and supplementation when needed.  Our areas of expertise include weight-related disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating as well as gastrointestinal disorders, food sensitivities, diabetes, and other autoimmune disorders.

Fruition Nutrition is currently servicing the upstate of South Carolina with a physical office in Greenville. Telemedicine appointments are available upon request. Our number one priority is to communicate with the patient's medical team and team together to provide the best care. 

Our program includes a comprehensive nutrition assessment, followed by nutrition education and client-specific meal planning. Individualized goals, tools for compliance, and accountability measures are integrated within each plan. Ongoing appointments are determined according to the need of the client and medical recommendations

Katherine Taylor RDN, LD, CLT

Katherine is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 30 years of experience in nutrition counseling. In addition to her degree in Coordinated Dietetics, she has advanced training from the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine Kalish Institute and uses both lifestyle medicine and functional nutrition to develop patient-centered treatment plans. Katherine believes that proper assessment and nutritional guidance can transform health and create vitality at any age.

Katherine is also a certified LEAP therapist (CLT) with expertise in developing anti-inflammatory diets to address medical conditions. Using the patented Mediator Release Test(MRT) https://nowleap.com to determine foods and chemicals resulting in sensitivities provides the needed information to develop a patient-specific plan for healing inflammatory conditions. 

Katherine enjoys all things outdoors including hiking, kayaking, and gardening. She has a soft spot in her heart for dogs and currently cares for three.  She loves spending time with her family on Lake Jocassee and is also an ardent reader.